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Nick Carlini

Nicholas Carlini, PhD


  • PhD, Human Bioenergetics, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
  • MS, Clinical Exercise Physiology, Ball State University, Muncie, IN 
  • BS, Exercise Science, Salisbury University, Salisbury MD
  • BS, Public Health, Salisbury University, Salisbury MD

Research Interests

My research interests are broadly focused on determining novel lifestyle interventions (i.e., supplementation/pharmacological, exercise) in the prevention and treatment of age and disease-related vascular and metabolic dysfunction from a clinically translatable approach.

During my doctoral training, my work focused on determining novel nutraceutical supplementation strategies to combat age-related arterial stiffening, examining the influence of aortic perivascular adipose tissue in humans on arterial stiffening and cardiovascular hemodynamics, and identifying the underlying role of mitochondrial-derived oxidative stress as a primary mechanism contributing to impaired vascular endothelial function in older adults with lower cardiorespiratory fitness.

Currently, my research involves identifying mechanisms regulating redox balance and metabolic homeostasis that limit improvements in cardiovascular function from physical inactivity, aging and disease at rest and during exercise.