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Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship Teaser

The CCEP fellowship at the University of Utah is accredited by the ACGME.  To be eligible for this fellowship, trainees must have completed their cardiovascular disease fellowship.  After completion of the CCEP fellowship, trainees will be eligible to sit for the CCEP boards.

For fellowship verifications, please email .

Mission Statement

Trainees will have clinical rotations at the University of Utah and Salt Lake City VA Hospital, as well as didactic and research activities. Expertise will be gained in complex arrhythmias mapping and ablation, including involvement in a vibrant atrial fibrillation ablation and VT ablation programs, complex CRM device implant, extraction, and management. Completion of cardiovascular disease fellowship required.

The University of Utah Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship aims to train and develop physicians who are skilled in the evaluation and management of patients with known or suspected cardiac arrhythmias, as well as patients who may be candidates for cardiac implantable electrical device therapy of heart failure. The physician product of our program will have a sophisticated understanding of the application and limitations of all available noninvasive and invasive diagnostic modalities. The physician will be skilled in the role as a consultative cardiac electrophysiologist, able to effectively collaborate with cardiologists and non-cardiologists, including cardiac surgeons, in patient evaluation and co-management. The physician will be an expert in the effective use of antiarrhythmic drug therapy. The physician will be skilled in the selection and performance of invasive procedures, including diagnostic EP study, the full array of catheter ablation procedures, cardiac electrical implantable device implantation, and pacemaker/ICD lead management and extraction. The physician will be effective in multidisciplinary interactions. The physician will develop effective communication skills, importantly including the ability to teach to audiences with a wide range of sophistication and knowledge. The physician will develop an ethical compass.