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The Sleep Medicine Program is housed in multiple locations with the main Sleep-Wake center located on the University of Utah campus.  Multiple satellite clinics across the Greater Salt Lake Valley provide easy access for patients.

The Sleep-Wake Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), and it offers the full range of investigational procedures for sleep disorders including polysomnography, Type III sleep studies, oximetry, actigraphy, multiple sleep latency test, and multiple wakefulness test. Polysomnography procedures are staffed by registered polysomnography sleep technicians (RPSGTs). Transcutaneous CO2 monitoring and full EEG montage is available with polysomnography.

Sleep physicians drawn from multiple disciplines including pulmonary medicine, internal medicine, psychiatry, neurology and anesthesia. Additionally, the sleep program also utilizes multiple RPSGTs as sleep coordinators for tracking adherence to positive airway pressure therapy and sleep education. In order to enhance care of sleep apnea, the sleep medicine program collaborates with University of Utah dentists for the provision of mandibular advancement devices and with ENT surgeons for alternative methods for addressing sleep apnea. An insomnia behavioral therapy program is available through AASM-certified psychologists who also offer therapies for circadian disorders and PTSD-associated nightmares. Interactions with neurology allow for enhanced care of disorders such as restless legs syndrome and other sleep-related movement disorders.