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Our division conducts research in many areas to help improve health care for the geriatric population. Areas of focus include the following:

Geriatrics Cytokine Lab (Elena Enioutina, MD, PhDLorise Gahring, PhD) focuses on the altered inflammatory status in peripheral tissues and in the brain with an emphasis on interactions among cholinergic systems, inflammatory cytokine systems, and anti-inflammatory modalities.

Geriatrics Health Services Research Group (Jonathan Nebeker, MDRandall Rupper, MD, MPH) focuses on medical informatics and computerized clinical systems with respect to decision support tools and collection of data for surveillance, analysis, and program evaluation.

Geriatrics Hypertension Lab (Mark Supiano, MD) conducts investigations to determine neurohumoral and genetic characteristics of geriatric hypertension.

Translational Vascular Physiology Lab (Anthony Donato; PhDLisa Lesniewski, PhD) studies the cellular and molecular etiology of changes in vascular function in both aging and age-related vascular diseases in human and animal arteries and associated cell types.

Utah Vascular Research Laboratory (Markus Amann, PhDRuss Richardson, PhDD. Walter Wray, PhDGwenael Layec, PhDJoel Trinity, PhD; and Ash Nelson, MD) studies the link between vascular and skeletal muscle function in vivo. Recent studies have focused on the role of oxidative stress in the dysregulation of skeletal muscle metabolism and vascular control with healthy aging, as well as in disease states such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart failure (HF).

Research conferences are also held monthly.