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12/06/2019: Katsu Funai, Ph.D. “Mitochondrial PE Potentiates Respiratory Enzymes to Amplify Skeletal Muscle Aerobic Capacity”

10/25/2019: Jill N. Barnes, Ph.D. “Factors Influencing Cerebral Blood Flow Control”

09/27/2019: Gail D. Thomas, Ph.D. “Strategies to Restore NO signaling and Improve Vascular Regulation In Muscular Dystrophy”

08/30/2019: Lauren Theilen, MD “Pregnancy as a Window to the Future of Cardiovascular Health”

04/26/2019: Yan-Ting Shiu, PhD “Biomechanical and Molecular Mechanisms of Hemodialysis Vascular Access Failure” 

03/29/2019: Sandra Hunter, PhD “Sex Differences in Fatigability: Why it Matters”

02/22/2019: Robert Paine III, MD “Air Pollution and Human Health: Knowns and Unknowns”

01/25/2019: Peter D. Wagner, PhD “Determinants of Maximal Oxygen Uptake and Utilization”

12/07/2018: Phillip Clifford, PhD “Mechanical Influences on Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow”

10/26/2018: Lucas H. Timmins, PhD “Interrogating the Heart with Light and Sound to Evaluate the Biomechanics: Integration of Computational Mechanics into the Clinical Setting of Coronary Artery Disease”

09/28/2018: Darren Casey, PhD “Inorganic Nitrate: From Foe to Friend in Human Health”

08/31/2018: Ken Monson, PhD “Overstretch-Induced Damage of Cerebral Blood Vessels”

04/27/2018: Josef Stehlik, MD “Determinants of Patient Quality of Life in Heart Failure”

03/30/2018: Hirofumi Tanaka, PhD “Exercise and Age-Related Vascular Stiffening: Are You as Old as Your Arteries”

03/02/2018: David MacLean, PhD “Vascular Regulation: New Insights using the Microdialysis Technique”

02/26/2018: Marc Kaufman, PhD “The Exercise Pressor Reflex in Health and Simulated Peripheral Artery Disease”

12/01/2017: Brad Behnke, PhD “Tumor vascular (dys)function and hemodynamics during exercise: Impact on anticancer therapies”

10/27/2017: Anthony Donato, PhD “In Search of the Secrets of Vascular Aging”

12/29/2017: John J. Ryan, MD “Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction - a disease of the vasculature”

08/25/2017: Jim Stray-Gundersen, PhD “History and Literature Review of Blood Flow Restriction Training”

04/21/2017: Mark Haykowsky, PhD “Pathophysiology of Exercise Intolerance in Breast Cancer Survivors with Preserved Ejection Fraction”

03/31/2017: Jaume Padilla, PhD “Vascular consequences of physical (in)activity and insulin resistance”

02/24/2017: Jeff Zhang, PhD “Calf-muscle perfusion measured by contrast enhanced MRI”

01/27/2017: Thunder Jalili, PhD “Metabolic and vascular effects of low dietary magnesium during healthy and diabetic conditions”

12/02/2016: Tracy Frech, MD “Systemic Sclerosis Vasculopathy”

10/28/2016: Mark A. Supiano, MD “Arterial Stiffness, Frailty, and Outcomes from the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial”

09/30/2016: David Edwards, PhD “Vascular Consequences of Chronic Kidney Disease”

08/26/2016: Ian Lanza, PhD “Searching for New Countermeasures to Sarcopenia”

04/29/2016: Dalane Kitzman, MD “Exercise Intolerance in Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction: Vascular and Skeletal Muscle Contributions”

03/25/2016: D. Walter Wray, PhD “Adrenergic versus Non-adrenergic Regulation of Blood Flow during Exercise”

02/26/2016: Stavros Drakos, MD “Dangers of Short-Term Bed Rest on Aging Muscle: Mechanisms and Potential”

01/29/2016: Gwenael Layec, PhD "Metabolic Abnormalities with COPD: Is it only Physical Deconditioning?"

12/04/2015: Micah Drummond, PhD “Dangers of Short-Term Bed Rest on Aging Muscle: Mechanisms and Potential”

10/30/2015: Frank Dinenno, PhD (Cancelled)

10/02/2015: David Gutterman, PhD "Endothelium-Dependent Dilation in the Human Microcirculation: Blurring the Lines Between Health and Disease"

04/27/2015: Francois Maltais, PhD “Exercise and Limb Muscles in COPD”

03/27/2015: Sihem Boudina, PhD “Insulin Resistance and Cardiac Function: Novel Adaptive Mechanisms”

02/27/2015: Dean Y. Li, MD, PhD “Endothelial Signaling and Oncogenesis”

01/30/2015: Joel D. Trinity, PhD “Novel Assessment of Vascular Function: Exercise and Movement-Induced Hyperemia”

11/21/2014: Melissa A. H. Witman, PhD “Peripheral Vascular Function: In Heart Failure, Heart Transplantation, and with a Left Ventricular Assist Device"

10/31/2014: John Halliwill, PhD “Sustained Post-exercise Vasodilation in Humans. What, how, and why?”

09/26/2014: J. David Symons, PhD “Does Vascular Autophagy Contribute to NO Bioavailability in Aging and Disease?”

08/29/2014: Chris J. McNeil, PhD “Aging and the Neuromuscular System: Insights into an “Old” Problem and Spinal vs. Cortical Mechanisms during Muscle Fatigue”

04/18/2014: Charlie Hicks-Little “Knee Osteoarthritis: Functional Consequences of a Worn Out Joint”

03/28/2014: Chris J. McNeil, PhD “Aging and the Neuromuscular System: Insights into an “Old” Problem and Spinal vs. Cortical Mechanisms during Muscle Fatigue”

02/28/2014: Mike Joyner, MD “Muscle Blood Flow and Aging Humans”

01/31/2014: Ty Hopkins, PhD “Motor Strategies of Self-Reported Ankle Instability:

Consequences and Possible Interventions”

11/22/2013: Benjamin T. Bikman, PhD “The Role of Sphingolipids in Metabolic Disruption”

10/25/2013: Kevin Conley, PhD “Does Exercise Cure What Ages Us?”

09/27/2013: Lawrence Sinoway, MD “Blood Pressure Responses to Exercise in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease”

08/30/2013: James C. Martin, PhD “Fatigue during Maximal Effort: Time to Rethink Work Capacity?”

04/26/2013: Les Podlog, PhD “Developing Resilience in Injured Armed Force Recruits”

03/29/2013: Judy Delp, PhD “Oxidants and Anti-oxidants in the Microcirculation of

Aging Muscle: Balance is Key”

02/22/2013: M. Harold Laughlin, PhD “Mechanisms for Vascular Adaptation to Exercise and

Training Insights from Experimental Animals”

01/25/2013: Colleen Farmer, PhD “Loopy Lungs in Birds and Crocodilians”

11/30/2012: Janet Shaw, PhD “Physical Activity and Pelvic Floor Disorders (PHACTS):

Preliminary Findings and Lessons Learned”

10/26/2012: Jerry Dempsey, PhD “Some New Concepts of Chemoreception and their Role in Cardiorespiratory Regulation During Wakefulness and Sleep”

09/28/2012: Markus Amann, PhD “Pulmonary System Limitations to Endurance Exercise”

08/31/2012: Gary Mack, PhD “Activation of Human Sweat Glands using Intradermal Electrical Stimulation”

04/27/2012: Hans van der Mars, PhD “Physical Education in High Schools…Now More Important Than Ever”

03/30/2012: David Poole, PhD “Muscle Microvascular Oxygen Delivery in Health and Disease: Data versus Dogma”

02/24/2012: Patricia Painter, PhD “Exercise Research in End-Stage Renal Disease”

01/27/2012: Russell S. Richardson, PhD “Determinants of VO2max: Implications in Health and Disease”