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Infectious Diseases Fellowship

The University of Utah Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program, which is accredited by the ACGME, is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality clinical and research training in the subspecialty of Infectious Diseases.  This program will provide you with a comprehensive training experience (General, Transplant, HIV, and Immunocompromised services).

Our two-year clinical program is based at the University of Utah hospital, Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), Veterans Affairs (VA), and Intermountain Hospitals (IMC).  The program is designed to train fellows to become experts in Infectious Diseases, successful graduates are well prepared for careers as academicians, researchers or clinicians. 

Dr. Adrienne Carey

Adult Infectious Diseases Program Director

Dr. Brandon Webb

Infectious Diseases Associate Program Director

Adele Hamilton, MBA

Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program Manager


Our mission is to provide a well-rounded and varied educational program that allows fellows to become superb clinicians, academics and researchers in infectious diseases by educating fellows to become critical thinkers and diagnosticians who strive to always learn as well as advocate for patients. 


1. To obtain clinical competence in a broad range of infectious diseases by gaining direct experience and understanding of the clinical features, diagnosis, natural history, prevention and treatment. 

2. To become an effective, independent consultant and practitioner in Infectious Diseases by developing one's fund of knowledge and critical thinking skills. 

3. To become an effective, well-respected physician by adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards. 

4. To educate patients, health‐care workers, and other physicians with kindness and humility. 

5. To develop life-long learning skills using scientific evidence, practice based and system-based learning to improve personal practices.  

6. To incorporate quality assurance, improvement and economics in one's personal practice. 

7. To be able to critically review medical literature, research design and ethics in research and also be able to discuss with patients informed consent and communicate the meaning of research results. 

8. To graduate as a competent, successful, board eligible or certified infectious disease physician. 

Program Information

    Our core program includes:

    12 Months   Consultation in Infectious Diseases   UUHC, VAMC, LDS hospitals
    1 Month   Microbiology   ARUP
    1/2 day   Combined HIV/ID Clinic   1st year
    1/2 day   Elective Clinic   2nd year

    Available electives include:

    • HIV Clinic
    • Immunology
    • Orthopedics
    • Pediatrics
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Clinic
    • TB Clinic
    • Transplant
    • Travel Clinic

    Our fellows also learn about antibiotic stewardship and de-escalation as well as using antibiotics wisely. The second year is mainly spent exploring either clinical or bench research with their chosen mentor. 

    Some fellows elect to add an MPH or microbiology fellowship after their Infectious Disease Fellowship training. Several fellows have also applied and have been encouraged to go on the 9 week Peru Gorgas course in Geographic Medicine and Tropical Diseases in their second year.

    Our fellowship program is supplemented with regular conferences three times weekly, including core clinical infectious disease topics, clinical case presentation, and journal club. Fellows also participate in monthly microbiology clinical to bench correlation rounds with the microbiology fellows. Please see calendar on main page for upcoming events.

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