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Patient-centered Quality Measurement for Opioid Use Disorder

Jul 22, 2022


Patient-centered quality measurement for opioid use disorder: Development of a taxonomy to address gaps in research and practice

The objective of this study was to evaluate current evidence and focus of patient-centered care for quality measurement in treating patients with opioid use disorder (OUD). We conducted an environmental scan of OUD quality measures currently endorsed by national agencies and reviewed the literature for evidence of supporting measures of patient-centered care. We found that current quality measurement for OUD is generally not patient-centered. Additionally, in our literature review of nearly 700 articles, we found some evidence that patient-centered care may improve outcomes for patients with OUD, but significant gaps in assessing the impact of patient-centered care remain. We developed a taxonomy for measures of patient-centered OUD care that provides a roadmap to address gaps in research evidence and quality measurement.